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Cocoa Supplementation Mitigates Severity of Fatty Liver Disease New! 2021-04-19 08:56:06Supplementation of cocoa powder, derived from Theobroma cacao, in the diet of high-fat-fed mice with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease reduced the sev

Hubble Zooms In on Magnificent Spiral Galaxy: NGC New! 2021-04-19 04:18:27Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have produced a spectacularly detailed image of a part of the spiral galaxy NGC 4603. NGC 4603 i

LOFAR Detects Lowest-Frequency Fast Radio Bursts to Date 2021-04-16 17:04:08Using the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR), astronomers from the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) have found that fast radio bursts i

Neanderthal Nuclear DNA Found in Paleolithic Cave Sediments 2021-04-16 15:04:35An international team of scientists has developed new methods for the enrichment and analysis of nuclear DNA from sediments, and applied them to cave

How Many Tyrannosaurus rex Individuals Ever Roamed Earth? 2021-04-16 13:39:55Paleontologists estimate that the abundance of one of the best-known dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex, at any one time was about 20,000 individuals, that

World’s Smallest Stegosaur Footprint Found 2021-04-16 07:26:18An international team of paleontologists has discovered a 5.7-cm-long stegosaur footprint in Xinjiang province, China. The newly-discovered stegosaur

New Snail Species Discovered in Montenegro 2021-04-15 18:45:48Scientists have described a new species of aquatic snail from a karstic spring in Montenegro and named it after Novak Djokovic, a famous Serbian tenni

Astronomers Identify Five Multiple Star Systems with Permanent 2021-04-15 18:13:58Kepler-34, Kepler-35, Kepler-38, Kepler-64 and Kepler-413 — multiple star systems located between 2,764 and 5,933 light-years away in the conste

West Africans Hunted for Honey 3,500 Years Ago 2021-04-15 16:48:41Historical and ethnographic literature from across Africa suggests bee products, honey and larvae, had considerable importance both as a food source a

Paleontologists Unlock Secret of Azhdarchid Pterosaurs’ Extremely Long 2021-04-15 15:35:15Paleontologists have found that the thin neck vertebrae of the azhdarchid pterosaurs got their strength from an intricate internal structure. Pterosau

Taiwanese Frog Has Six Sex Chromosomes, Study Shows 2021-04-15 14:51:03Biologists have found a multiple sex chromosome system comprising three different chromosome pairs in Odorrana swinhoana, a species of medium to large

Physicists Use Rapidly-Spinning Black Holes to Look for 2021-04-14 18:46:26Ultralight bosons — hypothetical particles with masses less than a billionth the mass of an electron — could be responsible for the Univer

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What the Oldest Known Cave Painting Reveals About 2021-04-16 17:00:00Ancient humans began to draw symbols on caves at least 45,500 years ago, according to a surprising finding on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Japan Just Had Its Earliest Peak Bloom of 2021-04-16 15:00:00An exceptionally warm spring has led to the early arrival of cherry blossoms in Japan, causing researchers to draw patterns between local temperature

Beyond COVID, the Future of mRNA Is Bright 2021-04-16 13:00:00Scientists say the technology behind the COVID-19 vaccines could change medicine and lead to new treatments against diseases like malaria, cancer and

Holotropic Breathing Promises Psychedelic-Like Trips Without the Drugs. 2021-04-16 10:00:00Many people report having spiritual experiences and psychological shifts while practicing intense and forceful breathing. But experts say this type of

The Sky Phenomena That May Have Inspired Artist 2021-04-16 08:00:00Did volcanic aerosols inspire the artist's new direction?

How Plant 'Vaccines' Could Save Us From a 2021-04-15 16:00:00Researchers are formulating unconventional solutions for tree diseases that harm beloved foods like oranges and chocolate. These include a potential R

Fight or Flight? Why Our Caveman Brains Keep 2021-04-15 15:00:00Once an evolutionary benefit that helped keep our ancestors alive, cortisol, the hormone that triggers our fight-or-flight response, may now be doing

The 5 Most Important Scientific Equations of All 2021-04-15 13:00:00Calculating the most influential scientific equations is no easy task. But these five certainly rank in the top tier.

Marmots Are Teaching Their Captive-Bred Friends How to 2021-04-15 10:00:00Once critically endangered, Vancouver Island marmots are now teaching each other how to recover.

A Mysterious Mass in a Man's Kidney Points 2021-04-15 08:00:00One minute, Albert was feeling fine. The next he was overcome by cramps and nausea. Then came the blood.

How AI Accidentally Learned Ecology by Playing StarCraft 2021-04-14 19:00:00A video game about battling aliens could help ecologists study life on Earth.

Pollinators Are in Trouble. Here's How Transforming Your 2021-04-14 17:00:00Biologists are recruiting everyday gardeners to save pollinators, with a little help from a smartphone app.

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¿Nacidos para holgazanear? Esto es lo que los New! 2021-04-19 09:00:05Los científicos han descubierto que los osos pardos, al igual que las personas, parecen elegir el camino de menor resistencia.

NASA Mars Helicopter Achieves First Flight on Red New! 2021-04-19 08:32:47The brief test of the experimental vehicle called Ingenuity shows how explorers can study the red planet from the sky as well as the ground.

On the Water in Alaska, Where Salmon Fishing New! 2021-04-19 05:00:25Each summer, salmon begin their journey back to the rivers where they were spawned. Alaskan fishermen, along with whales, eagles and bears, share in t

There’s a Booming Business in America’s Forests. Some New! 2021-04-19 05:00:24The fuel pellet industry is thriving. Supporters see it as a climate-friendly source of rural jobs. For others, it’s a polluter and destroyer of

How Bhutan Out-Vaccinated Most of the World New! 2021-04-18 23:31:14The Himalayan nation has given more than 60 percent of its people a shot. Some villages were reached by helicopter, and health workers hiked through i

Papier-Mache Globe 2021-04-17 23:59:13Creating a light-up globe from recycled materials is a good reminder of Earth’s beauty.

It's OK Our Bodies Have Changed During the 2021-04-17 23:43:06The coronavirus changed so much about our lives, including, for many of us, our bodies. It’s OK.

How To Clean Your Patio 2021-04-17 23:22:04Sprucing up for spring includes giving your lawn furniture the cleaning it deserves.

What the Coronavirus Variants Mean for Testing 2021-04-17 13:29:26Most tests should be able to detect the variants of concern, but test developers and health officials must remain vigilant, scientists say.

The Covid-19 Plasma Boom Is Over. What Did 2021-04-17 11:00:16The U.S. government invested $800 million in plasma when the country was desperate for Covid-19 treatments. A year later, the program has fizzled.

‘We Were Flying Blind’: A Dr.’s Account of 2021-04-16 22:49:10The disorder is rare, but so severe that the vaccine is on hold while experts weigh the risks and alert doctors and patients about symptoms and treatm

A Lawsuit Over Frozen Embryos 2021-04-16 21:42:00Elaine Meyer and Barry Prizant had given up on having more than one child. Then, in their 60s, they got a letter from the hospital where they’d

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Making waves in oceanography: Upwelling defies prior theories New! 2021-04-19 16:01:22A new scientific discovery has recorded how ghost currents and sediments can 'undo' the force of gravity. The new theory helps explain obscure event

Unique mode of cell migration on soft 'viscoelastic' New! 2021-04-19 13:57:53Engineers find that cancer cells exhibit a unique mode of migration on squishy materials, which are similar to biological tissues. In contrast, cell m

Early deaths rising in workers using methylene chloride New! 2021-04-19 13:57:34Researchers and physicians have found that early deaths of workers using methylene chloride paint strippers are on the rise. The solvent is widely use

DNA robots designed in minutes instead of days New! 2021-04-19 13:57:31Someday, scientists believe, tiny DNA-based robots and other nanodevices will deliver medicine inside our bodies, detect the presence of deadly pathog

SARS-CoV-2 variants from minks evade inhibition by antibodies New! 2021-04-19 13:57:28Immune responses in SARS-CoV-2 patients might provide only incomplete protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants from minks.

Sustainable chemical synthesis with platinum New! 2021-04-19 13:57:22Researchers used platinum and aluminum compounds to create a catalyst which enables certain chemical reactions to occur more efficiently than ever bef

Understanding interfaces of hybrid materials with machine learning New! 2021-04-19 13:57:20Using machine learning methods, researchers can predict the structure formation of functionalized molecules at the interfaces of hybrid materials. Now

Ocean currents modulate oxygen content at the equator New! 2021-04-19 13:57:17A study has used long-term observations to investigate the complex interplay between fluctuations in the equatorial current system and variations in o

Stone Age black bears didn't just defecate in New! 2021-04-19 13:57:14Scientists have sequenced ancient DNA from soil for the first time and the advance will transform what is known about everything from evolution to cli

Two blood thinners at once: More risk with New! 2021-04-19 13:57:11For some patients, adding aspirin to a direct oral anticoagulant is an equation that rarely adds up.

Gene therapy shows promise in initial trial for New! 2021-04-19 13:57:08A new gene therapy for one of the most common forms of congenital blindness was safe and improved patients' vision, according to initial data from a

Green hydrogen: 'Rust' as a photoanode and its New! 2021-04-19 13:57:03Researchers have now analyzed the optoelectronic properties of rust (haematite) and other metal oxides in unprecedented detail. Their results show tha